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can you do it?

3 Races in
3 Days!


Friday, Aug. 9th, 2024

You've got this. Slam that Dam, get the t-shirt and keep going.

Saturday, Aug. 10th, 2024

The scenery is so beautiful you'll barely notice the pain.

Sunday, Aug. 11th, 2024

The 5K that challenges your uphill drive.


Swag for Athletes:​

  • 3 commemorative race t-shirt

  • Post-race food & beverages after each race

  • 3-Recognition Ceremonies + LARGE “3 Races in 3 Days’ medals

  • One bonus prize for the ultimate bragging rights! 

Rumblinng Bald.jpeg

Conquer the Ultimate Athletic Trilogy:  3 Races in 3 Days at Lake Lure OLYMPIAD

Get ready for a thrilling weekend of athletic prowess and scenic exploration at Lake Lure, NC! The Lake Lure Olympiad proudly presents a unique challenge that tests your endurance, determination, and love for competition - the "3 Races in 3 Days" extravaganza.

What's in Store?

  • Slam The Dam 10K - Friday, August 9th: Kickstart your incredible weekend with the adrenaline rush of the Slam The Dam 10K. A challenging course that leads you through stunning landscapes and scenic trails surrounding Lake Lure, this race sets the tone for an unforgettable athletic journey.

  • Lake Lure Triathlon - Saturday, August 10th: Day two brings the ultimate test - the Lake Lure Triathlon! Swim, bike, and run your way through this demanding yet exhilarating event, designed to push your limits and reward your dedication to the sport.

  • Race To The Rock 5K - Sunday, August 11th: Wrap up the weekend on a high note with the Race To The Rock 5K. Conquer the final leg of this incredible trilogy as you sprint towards Chimney Rock, soaking in the breathtaking views and achieving a monumental finish.


Special Recognition for the Ultimate Challenge:

Athletes who rise to the occasion and conquer all three races will receive special recognition for their incredible feat. Your commitment, perseverance, and passion for sports will be celebrated as you join an elite group of athletes who have conquered the "3 Races in 3 Days" challenge.


How to Participate:

Each race must be registered for separately to take part in this ultimate athletic challenge. Register now for all three events and embark on a journey that promises unforgettable experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and personal triumphs.


Why Join?

  • Unforgettable Experience: Experience the thrill of competing in multiple races across three action-packed days, surrounded by the natural beauty of Lake Lure.

  • Challenge Your Limits: Push your boundaries, test your endurance, and discover the true extent of your athletic capabilities in a setting that inspires greatness.

  • Community & Celebration: Join fellow athletes, supporters, and enthusiasts in a celebration of sportsmanship, achievement, and the joy of participating in a one-of-a-kind athletic event.


Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of an extraordinary sporting adventure at Lake Lure Olympiad's "3 Races in 3 Days." Register now and make history by conquering the ultimate athletic challenge!


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